PDAL’s community interacts through Mailing List, GitHub, and IRC. Please feel welcome to ask questions and participate in all of the venues. The Mailing List communication channel is for general questions, development discussion, and feedback. The GitHub communication channel is for development activities, bug reports, and testing. The IRC channel is for real-time chat activities such as meetings and interactive debugging sessions.

Mailing List

Developers and users of PDAL participate on the PDAL mailing list. It is OK to ask questions about how to use PDAL, how to integrate PDAL into your own software, and report issues that you might have.


Please remember that an email to the PDAL list is going to 100s of individuals. Do your diligence the best you can on your question before asking, but don’t be afraid to ask. We won’t bite. Promise.


You can find the mailing list management page at


Visit to file issues you might be having with the software. GitHub is also where you can obtain a current development version of the software in the git revision control system. The PDAL project is eager to take contributions in all forms, and we welcome those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and start filing tickets, pushing code, generating builds, and answering questions.

There is also a public Gitter chat room integrated with the GitHub repository and available at or Gitter client.

See also

Development provides more information on how the PDAL software development activities operate.


You can find some PDAL developers on IRC on #pdal at Freenode. This mechanism is usually reserved for active meetings and other outreach with the community. The Mailing List and GitHub avenues are going to be more productive communication channels in most situations.